The Baltimore Ravens better hope Joe Flacco will be ready for the start of the regular season because Ryan Mallett struggled with his consistency once again in the Ravens' 31-7 rout of the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night.

Mallett still doesn't look like a quarterback who can consistently move the ball against a starting NFL defense.

In a hot and humid Miami, Elvis Dumervil JerseysMallett connected on more passes to keep drives alive, but he also delivered throws to the Dolphins to end series. He was intercepted twice (although one was the result of a pass being ripped away from receiver Quincy Adeboyejo) and would've been picked off a third time had Dolphins defensive lineman Jordan Phillips held onto the ball.

"I thought he did good," coach John Harbaugh said. Eric Weddle Jerseys"He got out of trouble a few times and made a few throws. Justin Tucker JerseysWe'll just keep working to build off that. He was under pressure quite a bit early on, and I thought he handed it well and didn't make mistakes -- and that's really important -- and played good, solid football. We're not totally together up front [on the offensive line] right now, and I think he's doing OK given the circumstances."Mallett's biggest problems are putting touch on throws and stringing good passes together. C.J. Mosley JerseysOn some plays, he steps up in the pocket to convert a third down with a pass to tight end Benjamin Watson and rolls out to find Mike Wallace downfield. Then, Joe Flacco Jerseysthere are the times when he throws over the head of Danny Woodhead on a simple screen pass and overthrows Adeboyejo for an interception.


Туроператор - Компания «Кругосвит»

Компания «Кругосвит» является прямым туроператором по Японии, Бутану, Китаю, Южной Корее и другим странам. У нас Вы можете приобрести как недорогие, так и VIP-туры с надежным качеством обслуживания и сопровождения.

Сначала как Турагентство Сети Горящих Путевок ЧП "Капранова" наш коллектив с 1998 г. занимается туристическим бизнесом. Все наши специалисты имеют большой опыт работы в туризме.

Любимое наше направление - Япония. Как туроператор по Японии мы напрямую работаем с самыми надежными японскими туристическими фирмами. Наш менеджер владеет японским языком, неоднократно была в Японии в качестве гида, хорошо знает историю и культуру Японии, много лет изучает японскую чайную церемонию, преподает искусство икэбаны.

В последние годы мы активно работаем как туроператор по Бутану, Китаю, Южной Корее - странам с богатой историей, культурой. Экскурсионные туры в эти страны незабываемы!.



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